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Compressor Springs

Compression springs are manufactured to resist the force of compression. That’s why they are named as Compression Springs. The main function of Compression springs is to offer resistance to linear compressing forces.

Since our compression springs are used to maintain various applications and machineries in various industries, Quality of our compression springs is the key to our success. To manufacture high quality compression springs in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India, lots of machineries are required. We have all the machineries which are required to manufacture such quality compression springs.

We manufacture Compressor Spring in Coimbatore for various applications, machineries, lawn movers, medical devices, Wire Diameter Compressor Spring, Inner Diameter Compressor Spring, Outer Diameter Compressor Spring, Free Length Compressor Spring and Solid Height Compressor Spring.

We have the all required machineries in our Industry to manufacture the high quality, standard and customized springs. We follow standard proven methodologies and policies for manufacturing long lasting compression springs in Coimbatore Tamilnadu India. These are the reasons why our compression springs have long life in terms of service and usage.

Stress and Stress range decides the life span of a compression spring. If the compression spring is subjected to huge stress load and high stress range, then the life span of compression spring will be drastically reduced. So it is advisable to provide low stress load at installation level to increase the life of compression spring.

The compression springs are used in a large spectrum of the applications. The compression springs are used in many appliances like lawn movers to different kinds of medical devices.

Usage of compression springs spans over large number of applications. Lawn Movers, Different Medical Devices uses Compression springs in their applications.


Wire Diameter, Inner Diameter, Outer Diameter, No. of Coils and Free Length and Solid Height.



  1. We are planning to Purchase an Automatic Winding Machine (2mm to 7.5mm capacity). By this Machine we can take the Production of All Kinds Of Compression Springs, Tension Springs, Helical Compression Springs, Conical Springs. One Day Production We Give Range Of 8000 to 12000nos / 8hrs.
  2. End Grinding Machine (Capacity 3.6mm to 7.5mm). Minimum Production of 1500nos / 8hrs

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